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Fashion show O'Neill Europe (2020)


As a Fashion Designer and Fashion Design Strategist, I have dedicated nearly three decades to providing top-notch design and strategic services to leading fashion brands, sports brands, and fashion retailers from around the world.

My portfolio includes working with renowned names such as Zara, Jack & Jones, Urban Outfitters, K-Swiss, O'Neill, Ferrari, Max Verstappen, Wrangler, Olympic Games and Peak.

I have had the privilege of working across various sales regions, including Europe, China, Russia, The Middle East, Australia, Canada and North America.

I apply my extensive industry knowledge to help fashion businesses succeed and keep up with changing industry trends and consumer demands.

In my work, I analyze macro trends, consumer behaviour, and emerging technologies that will impact the fashion industry. Subsequently, I apply this knowledge to devise creative strategies for clothing collections that meet both present and future consumer demands.

Furthermore, I offer brands consultative support for branding and marketing strategies to ensure that business objectives align with the overall vision and brand values.

When I work for a large enterprise to identify and realize opportunities for expansion and progress, I cooperate extensively with the company's leadership teams, designers, manufacturers, retailers and other involved parties.

Therefore, whether you are a high-level manager of a large fashion company or an aspiring fashion entrepreneur, I can help you to find the sweet spot between commerce and creativity.